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Tree Planting Program:

The District Attorney's office started a tree planting program to honor the memory of victims of gun violence and deter others from causing gun violence in 2020. The program gives the family and friends of the deceased the option to pick a tree to plant at a special location selected to honor the memory of their loved one.

Survivor's Circle:

The District Attorney's office provides grievance counseling for the families of loved ones lost to gun violence. Victim Assistance Coordinator, Tina Rogers, is trained and certified in grievance counseling and conducts monthly sessions for the family members and friends of the deceased in our district.


Restorative Justice Program:

The District Attorney's office also has a restorative justice program that follows the national trend of viewing crime more through the lens of the harm caused to the individual & to the community and attempting to acknowledge and reconcile that harm in ways that repair the victim and help rehabilitate the person who caused the harm. For more information about restorative justice, please visit:

Victim Bill of Rights:

One of the District Attorney’s most important jobs is protecting the rights of victims of crime. The Mississippi Crime Victim Bill of Rights provides several rights, privileges, and notices to crime victims throughout the criminal justice process. 

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