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Pre-Trial Diversion

Our pre-trial diversion program is an important part of our office. The program is an alternative to prosecution, which seeks to divert certain non-violent offenders from traditional criminal prosecution into a program which focuses on rehabilitation and supervision.


Participants who successfully complete the program will have the charges against them dismissed and avoid potential prison time and the life-time repercussions of a felony conviction.


The major objectives of the pre-trial program are:

  • To prevent future criminal activity among certain people by diverting them from traditional processing into community supervision and rehabilitative services.

  • To save prosecution and judicial resources for concentration on violent and repeat offenders

  • To provide, where appropriate, a vehicle for restitution to communities and victims of crime


What to expect in the pre-trial diversion program?

  • First step: You and your attorney must complete a pre-trial diversion application that is signed by a prosecutor and the presiding judge for your charges.

  • Second step: If you are eligible and accepted into the program, you will have to set up a date and time for an interview with our pre-trial director, Ericka Akins. Interviews can be scheduled Monday-Friday from 8am to 4pm, except the second Friday of the month.

  • Third step: Based on the interview, the director will create a case plan for the applicant which, based on the interviewer, may include regular drug testing, counseling, educational attainment, career building requirements, and restitution.

  • Fourth step: If the applicant successfully complete the terms of his or her case management plan, then the charge against the person is dismissed.

  • There are up front and monthly fees to participate in the program

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