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Drug Court


The sixteenth circuit court district offers an intensive, highly structured drug court program to help treat drug and alcohol addiction.


A drug court is a special court given the responsibility to handle cases involving drug using offenders through comprehensive supervision, drug testing, treatment services and immediate sanctions and incentives.


Drug court participants undergo long-term treatment and counseling, sanctions, incentives, and frequent court appearances. Successful completion of the treatment program results in dismissal of the charges, reduced or set aside sentences, lesser penalties or a combination of these. Most importantly, graduating participants gain the necessary tools to rebuild their lives.


  • Incorporating drug testing into case processing.

  • Creating a non-adversarial relationship between the defendant and the court.

  • Identifying defendants in need of treatment and referring them to treatment as soon as possible after arrest.

  • Providing access to a continuum of treatment and rehabilitation services.

  • Monitoring abstinence through frequent, mandatory drug testing.

  • Establishing a coordinated strategy to govern drug court responses to participants' compliance.

  • Maintaining judicial interaction with each drug court participant.

  • Monitoring and evaluating program goals and gauging their effectiveness.

  • Continuing interdisciplinary education to promote effective drug court planning, implementation, and operations.

  • Forging partnerships among drug courts, public agencies, and community-based organizations to generate local support and enhance drug court effectiveness.


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